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[Mstick2 Lite] Wireless Android Auto Dongle Get Started

1. Download Mgears Go App on your Phone

  • Download and launch the Mgears Go app on your smartphone to start with Mstick registration.

2. Mstick Connection

  • Use a USB port that supports Android Auto.

  • It takes about 30-40 seconds for the LED to turn blue after booting has completed.

  • When connected for the first time, the LED blinks blue and is in standby for Bluetooth pairing.

    ※ If the LED remains red after 1 minute, it means that Mstick is not properly connected to the vehicle. Please refer to Mstick does not work for assistance in resolving the issue.

3. Select Operating Mode in Mgears Go

  • Once the Mstick registration is completed in the Mgears Go app, please select the operating mode in the app even if the Mstick screen is displayed on the vehicle display.

    ※ For iPhones, please use the Tablet mode (Mstick mode).

4. Ready to use Wireless Android Auto!

  • You can select various Android Auto options in your smartphone's 'Android Auto' settings.

    ※ Pressing the side button briefly switches between Tablet mode (Mstick mode) and Wireless Android Auto mode.
        For more information on mode switching, please refer to Using Wireless Android Auto Mode.

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