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Mstick does not work

If the Android Auto button is not activated on your vehicle display, common causes include the following:

If the screen does not appear after connecting the Mstick to the vehicle

​After the first purchase, product registration is required in the Mgears Go app to use Mstick.

Please register Mstick after installing Mgears Go app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


※ Registration in the Mgears Go app is required to use the Mstick mobile phone.

Projection not set to Android Auto

​Please check if the projection is set to Android Auto in the settings of the vehicle display.

When connecting the Mstick to the charging USB port


Connect to a USB port that can be connected to Android Auto.

Lack of power supplied to Mstick

In some vehicles, the power supplied to the Mstick may be insufficient. Supply additional power using the included USB Y extension cable.

Wireless Android Auto feature activated on vehicle display

Please disable the wireless Android Auto feature on your vehicle display.

Go to settings on the vehicle screen(display) → Wi-Fi settings → Uncheck(disable) Use Wi-Fi for phone projection

※ The above method is based on Hyundai/Kia, and the deactivation method may differ depending on the model or make of the vehicle.

Vehicle display does not support Android Auto


Mstick can only be used on vehicle displays that support Android Auto.

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