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Mstick Get Started

1. Mstick Connection

1-1_1 -1.png
  • Use a USB port that supports Android Auto.

  • It takes about 30-40 seconds for the LED to turn blue after booting has completed.

  • When connected for the first time, the LED blinks blue and is in standby for Bluetooth pairing.
    ※ If the LED remains red after 1 minute, connect a Y extension cable to provide additional power.

Single port USB available vehicle

Dual port USB availanle vehicle


※ The package does not include the cigarette lighter socket shown in the photo.

※ Guidelines for Using USB Y extension

  • In some vehicles, the power supplied to Mgears products through the vehicle's USB port may be insufficient.

  • Please use the included USB Y extension to provide additional power.

  • How to Connect a USB Y extension

  1. Black cable: Connect to the existing USB port.

  2. Red cable or cable with the “Power” label : Plug into the charging terminal.

※ Please refer to the "Compatibility" page on the website for the type of vehicle that needs Y extension cable.

2. Download Mgears Go App on your Phone

  • Download and launch the Mgears Go app on your smartphone to proceed with Mstick registration.

3. Mstick Basic Setup

  • On the Mstick screen, press the start button after setting the language

  • If the Mstick screen is not displayed, the Mstick is not connected to the vehicle normally. If the Mstick does not work, please refer here for the case and follow the instructions.


4. Internet connection

5. Ready to use Mstick!

  • You can further set the Mstick experience, such as whether or not the vehicle microphone is used in the Mgears Settings.

  • For a detailed description of each function, see the appropriate topics in the online documentation.

    ※ When you first connect to Mstick, the app may shut down while logging in to the Play Store as Google services are updated. If you select the Cancel Update button at the bottom left on the login screen of the Play Store, you can proceed with the login without exiting the app.

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