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Using wireless Android Auto Mode

※ Only Mstick2 Lite can be used.

Tablet Mode(Mstick Mode)

Mstick works as an independent Android device and you can freely install and use the apps you want. (Internet connection required)


Wireless Android Auto (WAA) Mode

If you connect the Mstick to a vehicle that only supports wired Android Auto, Android Auto can be used wirelessly.


How to switch from Tablet Mode(Mstick Mode) → Wireless Android Auto Mode 

Press the side button briefly, or select the 'WAA Switch' app icon. If the Mstick is not Bluetooth paired with your smartphone, you cannot switch to Wireless Android Auto mode. For more information on how to pair Bluetooth, see How to connect Bluetooth hands-free.

※ Android Auto button is not active after entering wireless Android Auto mode Please refer to the case where wireless Android Auto mode does not work

How to switch from Wireless Android Auto Mode → Tablet Mode(Mstick Mode)

A short push of the side button automatically restarts the device without a prompt pop-up and enters Tablet Mode.

※ After the boot is complete and the LED changes from red to blue, use mode switching.


How to change the smartphone to connect to Wireless Android Auto mode

① Press the side button for more than 3 seconds until the LED on the Mstick flashes blue to enter Bluetooth connection standby mode.

② Connect Bluetooth by selecting Mstick from 'Settings' → 'Connections' → 'Bluetooth' on your smartphone.


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