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Wireless Android Auto mode not working

If wireless Android Auto does not work, common causes include the following. To solve the problem, please try some of the methods below.

Smartphone's hotspot is ON

Wireless Android Auto does not work on some smartphones when the hotspot is turned on. Please turn off the hotspot on your smartphone according to the method below.

Settings (smartphone) → Connection → Mobile Hotspot and Tethering → Mobile Hotspot (OFF)

Android Auto app error

Please organize the data of the smartphone Android Auto app according to the method below.

Select Settings (smartphone) → Application → Android Auto → Storage → Data Deletet

Bluetooth pairing problem

Delete 'Mstick' from the smartphone Bluetooth device list and pair it again.

Wireless Android Auto feature on the smartphone is turned off

Make sure that 'Wireless Android Auto' or 'Use Wireless Projection' is enabled on your smartphone.

Settings (smartphone) → Advanced Features → Android Auto → Wireless Android Auto or Wireless Projection

On some smartphones, the above menu is hidden. Please activate the menu according to the method below.

Settings (smartphone) → Advanced features → Android Auto → Version → Version and Privilege Information 10 consecutive tabs → Top-right Menu Developer Mode → Enable adding wireless projections to settings​

※ The above method is based on Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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