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Troubleshoot problems with the Play Store

It is possible to experience these problems if you receive a low memory notification after downloading and updating an app. Please try the following methods in order to solve the problem.

Clean up storage space

You might actually run out of storage space. Please save storage space by deleting unnecessary apps and files.

※ Please use large files and contents on USB memory.

Settings → Apps & Alarm → View All Apps→  Google Play Store → Storage Space → Select Remove the storage

App cache and data deletion

There may have been a problem with the app itself. Please clear the cache and data of the app and try again.

※ If the same error occurs again, please delete the app and try installing and updating again.

Settings → Apps & Alarm → View All Apps→  Google Play Store → Storage Space → Select Remove the storage

Device initialization


There may have been a problem with the system of the Mgears product. Please check if the same problem occurs after initializing the Mgears product.

Settings → System → Reset options → Delete all data (factory reset)Select

The app does not run or is forced to shut down

If the Google app is being updated or requires an update, some apps may not run or be forced to shut down. Please update all Google Apps to the latest version in the Play Store and try again.

※ The Google app update will automatically occur on the first run after installing the product and may take some time to complete.

※ Some apps may default to some or all features. (e.g., camera apps, apps that do not support landscape mode, etc.)

Repetition of Google sign-in

Mstick may be terminated when connected to the Play Store for the first time due to Google updates. By selecting the cancel update button at the bottom left of the Play Store login screen, you can log in without exiting the app.

If part of the app's screen is not visible

If the app does not support landscape mode, some screens may not be visible or some UIs in the app may not function properly. Changing the display size to a smaller size may cause you to see an invisible screen or allow the app's UI to function correctly.
※ Some apps have been verified to see all screens and function correctly when the display size is

Mgears Settings → Display → Reduce the size of the display

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