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How to edit the home screen

​Home screen


With Mstick's home screen, you can customize the app interface with widgets just as you would on a desktop. Create and use your own Mstick with the Mgears exclusive app and Play Store.

Add a widget

Press long the screen → Widget → Press long the desired widget → Drag onto the screen you want to place

Delete a widget

Press long the widget that you want to delete on your screen to make it moveDrag it to the top left X delete area.

Quick Settings Button

Quickly access the functions required to use the Mstick through the Quick Setup button. You can browse with the status bar open by selecting the notification window button on the navigation bar. To check all of the Quick Setup buttons, you can check them by dragging the Quick Setup button area down with the status bar open.


  • Wi-Fi: Use a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.

  • Fixed Horizontal: Force all apps to run in landscape mode and full screen.

  • Screen/sound sync adjustment: Adjusts the sync between the screen and sound during video playback.

  • Location: Permits access to the location.

  • Data saving mode: Restricts some apps running in the background from sending or receiving data.

How to add tiles to Quick Settings Button

① Select the notification button on the navigation bar or swipe down the top status bar on the desktop


Drag the top black part down one more time to expand the area.


Select Edit Button

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