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How to automatically activate mobile hotspot (iPhone)

iPhone users can utilize the Shortcuts feature to automatically enable the hotspot when entering a vehicle. The automation setup for configuring the smartphone's hotspot based on vehicle entry/exit is as follows

※ This feature is available after the iOS 17 update.

Turn on the hotspot of the smartphone when boarding the vehicle (iPhone)

① Open the Shortcuts app, then select Automation at the bottom → New Automation


Scroll down and choose Bluetooth


Select your vehicle from the list of devicesCheck Is Connected, Run Immediately → Next → New Blank Automation


④ Add Action → Search for Hotspot and select Set Personal Hotspot


Set the Personal Hotspot to [On] and then click Done


You can automatically deactivate the hotspot when getting off the vehicle by changing the contents of and as shown in the picture below.

  • Is Disconnected → Set Personal Hotspot to of

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